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Install a new driveway or resurface your current one by relying on the asphalt services of Patriotic Paving. In addition to driveways, we can install or resurface parking lots, walkways, patios, and more!


FREE estimates are available for all services. Our owner personally estimates and installs every driveway. Rest assured knowing all asphalt driveways are guaranteed for 4 years - that’s longer than anyone else in the area!

First-rate asphalt services

  • New installation - this service uses a two-layer process over compacted gravel. The compacted gravel makes a solid foundation the base layer is made up of a larger stone asphalt  while the top layer of asphalt is made up of smaller stones. This top layer provides a  more attractive and stronger surface while the lower layer of larger stones provides a strong base.


  • Resurfacing - this service adds a new layer of asphalt over an existing driveway. This is a great option to save money when you need a new driveway!

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